George Rolph Death Threat Revealed

This blog has been edited and the original material temporarily removed for one reason and one reason alone. George has removed the information from his own page. I would think because the police have finally been in touch and he has now got his crime reference number.

In case the publishing of the threat compromises an action I have removed it until I know differently.

I thought it important that the public knew just how hounded George has been, as have his supporters.

This will not go away. More and more people are seeing through what has gone on and the part played in it by Atos Miracles particularly Scar Sugarplum aka Bernadette Del Aguila (entrepreneur and owner of a telepest phone number and still advertising her business which was struck off ), Welfare News Service writer Gina Ravens, who shares smut and uncouth material on her twitter account and who incidentally wrote an article about George as if she had a professional opinion.


A Statement by George Rolph – Day 40 Hunger Strike Against Atos & DWP

Day 40 of my hunger strike. A personal milestone for me.

The Minister for psychopathy in Westminster has asked me to issue the the following warning to members of the public visiting this page. 

In reading the words placed here by Mr George Rolph, you may be subjected to freedom of speech and the government can take no responsibility for what this might do to you if you have a tiny mind. 

People with a totalitarian nature are therefore advised to stay away from this page and to congregate in small groups on Facebook and vent hatred in all directions until normal levels of dysfunction has been resumed. 

Ima Loony.
Under secretary of State for leftyism.

I just want to warn everyone that I can feel a personal opinion coming on. It may appear here within hours or even days. 

Now, I appreciate that SOME PEOPLE think I, a) should not have any personal opinions (especially if they are shared by millions of other men around the world) and b) that I should be shot for daring to express them on my own FB page but, never being one to cave in to bully boys and girls, I will probably go ahead and publish it here anyway. 

Of course, no one HAS to read it. I have not seen anything in the FB ‘terms and conditions’ which states reading my personal opinions is compulsory. That, however, is not likely to deter the average hate monger who is only able to view life through their own political perspective. 

They will read it and go through the usual mad knee jerk reactions. First there will be outrage. Then a lip quivering sense of personal victimisation. Then will come a growing rage that will boil over into a pathological hatred. All of this will fuel a massive sense of personal and collective victim-hood and finally they will gather in little groups to spread as much poison around as they possibly can about me, personally.

If their personal attacks fail — and they will — they will say that he has only written this because his hunger strike (which they do not believe I am actually doing; but let’s not allow logic to interfere with a good bit of mob rule mentality not seen since the same kind of people were hanging blacks in the Southern States of America) has altered his mental state and tipped him over into a form of madness. 

It has not, of course. In fact I have been writing about these things for many years and I am far from alone in doing so.

Why will they behave in this way? Well, because the real madness lies with them and they escape detection by always being the first, the loudest and the most aggressive to point the finger for what THEY do, at others, and blame them. 

It is called ‘projection.’ 

A psychological weapon used by all of societies abusers against their victims. A sort of, ‘I-hate-you-for-what-I-do’ mental aberration. One that Marxists, and Feminist-Marxists in particular, are infamous for. 

Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School had a more academic name name for this behaviour, he called it ‘Repressive Tolerance.’ A political name for an abusive behaviour. ‘Repressive Tolerance’ is the idea that anything the left does is good. Anything the right does is bad. Anything the left does, no matter how bad, must always be praised as good. Anything the right does should always demonised, no matter how good for society it maybe. 

Ever found yourself doing that?


So, be aware that a personal opinion is coming. Those of you unable to tolerate that fact may need to grab a tin hat and some Valium and go hide in a basement reciting Chairman Mao’s name to yourselves over and over because, when I feel this urge to speak out, it is very difficult to prevent it happening.

Weight today:209.04 lbs 
Start weight: 260.00 lbs

The doctor tells me the results of my blood tests are that my cholesterol is too high and that he was unable to get a result for Potassium levels due to having to keep the blood in the fridge for 24 hrs before sending it off to be tested. This, he tells me, is my fault because I told him I would never make it to a place in Clapham he wants me to go too to have the blood tests done. I explained that if I say, I don’t think I could make that kind of a journey, it is because I don’t think I could make that kind of a journey, and he went deaf. Telling me, again, that I need to go to Clapham. When I told him, yet again, that I was pretty sure that if I were struggling to reach the end of my street and back Clapham would be a journey too far, he said, and I quote: “Well, in that case, should we just forget the blood tests because you do not want to cooperate?”

I think some bottom covering is going on with him in case the worst happens. I can hear him telling anyone who asks in the future about his standards of medical care, “Well. I did everything I could to try and help him but he would no cooperate with me.”

Sometimes these educated idiots just make my head spin!

ATOS are missing a trick. They should employ this man immediately. He has the perfect attitude for the job. 

Anyway, apart from that I feel great.

Fight on people, because if you do not, who will?
Don’t let them tread on you.

Please read ‘Cunning plan MK Three’ (below) and make some calls. Check the comments for any helpful hints others may offer.

Thank you. Love you guys. Keep at it.

29 June 2013.
Day 40 of my hunger strike. — feeling determined.

George Rolph Hunger Strike Day 30

Yesterday was a particularly tough day for me. The internet became full of rumours, and rumours of rumours and whispers and down right LIES claiming George Rolph is a fake, sexist, homophobic woman hater. Blogs went up about it, people spent the whole day hell bent on a character assination. One account facebook which was filled with pictures of swaztica’s and zombies took delight in spreading a link to a particular blog on every thread he could find on the campaign page that had been set up by another group to support George and other campaign pages. The whole episode was vile vile and destructive.
Why would these things be claimed if they are not true?
It is quite simple really, George Rolph is his own man, with his on view, with his own reality, with his own experience. Like the rest of us our reality is what has been real for us during our lives. Georges life story is public. He was abused by females to such an extent he has post traumatic stress disorder. He has spent many years trying to come to terms with what has happened to him as well as supporting others who have suffered a similar fate. He has done much research and written many articles over the years. It is people like George that have opened our eyes to the fact that SOME women are disgustingly aggressive and abusive to their partners. George does not hate ALL women. He does not like EXTREME ideologies as they have impacted on his own personal life experience. Marxist feminism is one such area. This does not make him a woman hater.
George had posted some past articles that he had written on his personal facebook page, which incidently is the only place he posts. Some of his supporters felt it was an attack on all women and he was told to take them down or lose support from people who initially wanted to help him. I doubt that George will ever respond to demands made by women again  In fact, what happened clearly showed that what he had written was actually true. If he wanted support he would have to do as he was told and stop being the person he was.
Kevan toner hit the nail on the head when people asked ‘What is going on’  He replied:
”A few people on the far left are upset that George’s views doesn’t fit in with their EXACT agendas, instead of just accepting him as he is. Which is a great shame.
People are misinterpreting George as attacking women as he is at odds with hard line feminists who dont like to admit that women can also be abusive towards men.
His hunger strike is for the purpose of bringing light on the horrific abuses of ATOS and the DWP for ALL PEOPLE, both men and women. Its a shame that people pick on specific things he says without looking at the broader picture and understanding that he has suffered abuse and this is why he has these views.
The media are playing on this and will use it to sow discord, dont let them!
Think for a second and accept people for who they are, dont try and force your own beliefs and agendas upon them.
I am fully behind George and against the mass murdering policies of the DWP and ATOS
If you are unable to think past that sort of negative thinking I feel sorry for you.
This sort of “he did that” “she did this” “he/she is an awful person because such&suchareason” attitude is why we are in this predicament in the first place.
This is why people are dying.
If you are attacking George because of his views then you are part of the problem, you might as well apply for a job at ATOS!
#ATOSKILLS #mass murder #atos #dwp #IDS #DavidCameron #UKGOV #fairsociety #facepalm ”
(Shared with permission)

An update and appeal from George Rolph.

Another Notice and Statement and Some Info That Will Surpise You. I hope.

Well, I made it to the post office and back but completely forgot to take the Internet bill with me and pay it. Doh! 

I could not make it home and back before they closed so it will have to wait again! It is so annoying when you do that. Huh? Still all of us have done it I guess. I emailed and explained. Groan.

The trip was long and slow and by the time I got back home I was sweating like a cloud on a stormy day but…., I made it! 

It’s only half a mile, but it is clear that I am growing weaker. My jeans kept threatening to fall down too. Despite the belt. 

I checked my weight this morning and it was 217.04. Lbs. This non-eating diet really works guys! Hmmm. DON’T try this at home though. 

No other noticable ill effects. God is so good to me.

Please excuse me if I don’t get around to answering all the PM’s and comments I get. Those, along with an endless supply of emails (Not all of which are welcome. Abuse in text is still abuse!) make it hard to cope at times. Plus I have a stack of writing and thinking to do and that takes time. My old brain is not as zippy as it once was. 

So, how is the ribbon campaign going? Anything to report? Anyone putting up cards or posters in the windows of the local shops and chippies?

Any photos you want to share of these things?

Come and let me know what you are doing to get the word out to the public in the absence of media coverage. 

Are you still firing off emails full of questions to ATOS and the DWP and tieing up their work force? 

What about those lazy MP’s who send you stock replies to your emails asking THEM what THEY are doing for THEIR sick and disabled constituents? Are you ripping into them and promising NOT to vote for them anymore if they don’t get their finger out? Are you writing to you local paper protesting the MP’s lazy attitudes and cold hearted refusal to help?

Are you sending ballons and lanterns skywards at night with information about the campaign on them and asking for support? Kids love that stuff you know.

How about tying rags (old sheets and torn up T Shirts) with info on them for the local 14-16 year old kids (and their teachers) to read and pass on, on the school railings? Rags are bio degradeable you know, so do your bit forthe enviroment.

Perhaps you could make a prominant flag for your motorbility scooters? A poster for your window or front door? One person even suggested cutting my name into her front lawn grass using weed killer, but I would not suggest you all do that. Creative thnking though! 

No! DON’T do that in your local park. OK!

If we trap the truth by keeping it silent we disable IT. We have to set it free. Sneak it past the locked gates of the media and get it to the people ourselves. Can you do that? Are you willing to try?

Maybe you could make a You Tube video? 
Think carefully what you are going to say — write a script if you have too — post the video on your page and then tell everyone about it. Burn it on CD and leave it in libraries, on busses, trains, public benches, in phone boxes and so on with the words WATCH THIS! COPY ME! PASS ME ON” written on it in permanent marker pen?

Dirt cheap to do…reaches hundreds of people and will probably be passed around. Certainly if the local teenagers get hold of it. Hint, hint.

Do you doubt such an idea could work? OK, let me prove it to you.

Years ago, alarmed by the growing numbers of assaults by women on children, each other and men and societies stupid refusal to acknowledge it, I decided to make an amateur film made of clips I found on the Internet. It really WAS amateur.., I had never done anything like it before and had no real idea what I was doing; but I was angry at the way people buried their heads in the sand and refused to accept women are violent too. Especially people with power. As long as they did that, men, women and children would go on suffering. Alone!

I bought a stack of 100 blank CD’s and burned the resulting movie into them. Then I did as I suggested above and left them all over the place. On walls out side schools; in trains on the seats; on buses; in two taxis; in libraries and on and on. Even in a police station and the local town hall! On my CD’s written in neat permanent marker was the Internet address of a page they could go to and download a copy and a request they also spread the videos around and the words “WATCH THIS! COPY ME! PASS ME ON” Then I waited. 

Interest exploded. I was mobbed by a bunch of teens when I went to the shops about three days laer. They thrust a copy of this badly made CD into my hand and said, “You have GOT to watch this man, it radical!” Then they said, “Make your own copies and leave them everywhere. Or you can get it online if you want.” Of course, they had no idea I had made the film and I did not tell them. The subject, at that time, required me to be “underground” so to speak. 

I looked today and the number of d/loads has reached 20,600! Remember, each person only has to download it once then burn it to CD…If less than a third of those who downloaded it did that, that is a lot of CD’s flying around out there and all over the world too!

Can I prove any of this or is it just hot air? 

Go here and look at the download figures and watch the film yourself if you can. WARNING: It contains graphic violence and distrubing images:

It works! 

Go ahead and do it. 

A few hours of YOUR time could save someones life!

Get working gang…we have a government to defeat and it will not happen by moaning about them will it? We have to go National AND International with this. So, let’s go!

Just pressing the ‘like’ or ‘share’ buttons is NOT work…Right?

George Rolph.