George Rolph Day 45




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‘Welfare News Service Distract From TheTruth AGAIN

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Five look at Atos Miracles and Welfare News Service.



Five look at Atos Miracles and Welfare News Service.

Reblogged with permission of Enid Brighton. Sorry I cannot include the photo’s but the link gives those.

Five look at Atos Miracles and Welfare News Service.

You have to ask yourself why so much conflicting evidence is flying around the internet only a few people are left  waving the flag for George Rolph.  George Rolph does have some very genuine supporters, but he also has some very manipulative bastards cutting him off and doing everything and anything to make people not believe his hunger strike.  
Suddenly 2 weeks ago, there was a large shift in support. All groups suddenly painted this picture of a marauding, mental, woman hating man with a secret agenda who was dangerous. The hate and venom that was spilling out of mouths was terrible. An intelligent person soon realised the many fake accounts making the noise and so the admin should have too. But not these admin. All these so called welfare groups supported the claims and refused to touch George Rolph’s story apart from allowing the new picture to be supported. They even went so far to publish  a person’s so called ‘professional’ psychological reports on Georges Mental Health. (Written by a gender realignment counselor pretending to be educated enough to have an opinion on George’s mental health)  
 See Gina Ravens Article George Rolph,  An Opinion 
When George first started his strike he had 2 main ‘helpers’ One was a facebook account ‘scar sugarplum’ another Lizzie Cornish from what I could tell. The page wasn’t in fact anything to do with George. The page creator was Mark Smith (doubt real name) who had lots of like welfare pages. Scar sugarplum is an admin on one called ‘Atos Miracles’  Gina Ravens blogs for a group called Welfare News Service. Strangely enough these people refer to each other as brothers and sisters (As seen in some extreme market networking crap)
Scar Sugarplums facebook page carries 2 web links on her ‘about’ page


On the milly molly makeovers page in the about section it gives the name Bernadette Del Aguila
and explains that she runs the business with her daughter. (business dissolved according to companies house) There is also a phone number +44 7957 935946
A search of the number on a who calls me came up with some interesting facts.
·        12 Feb 2009
I keep getting calls, today i finally got the call and asked the questions
what is your name – Mike Garcia
what is your company – AMC referral, woodbridge NJ

they keep calling about selling my time share,  sounds like the call is from the  Philippines. 
I told him not to call again and that i am reporting to do not call list.447957792857
HELP _ someone please get them to stop

Caller ID: 447957792857
Caller: AMC referral, woodbridge NJ
AMC referral woodbridge NJ
Telepest Numbers
This caller has been reported as a possible telepest!
Numbers associated with this caller include:
12 Feb 2009
I recieved a phone call from this number also. It was a arabic accent woman, who calls me two-three times a day, claiming shes from a debt. consolidation company asking for my bank info. its a scam. i told her not to call my phone number anymore. if it was a legit company, it wouldnt have no FORIEGN number, only american!!!!!
16 Mar 2009
i have been getting a weird number that calls and text in the middle of the night we have answered it and a woman asks us to be her friend and call her on that number she sounds like shes from outer space its really creepy we have told her to stop we ave to turn the phone off at night. is anyone else getting phone calls like this.

they called on 3/14 at 2:30am they called about 10 times before we turned the phone. and they started about 10:30pm last night and they called about 6 times. there is a kid screaming in the background.

It is quite likely that some/most  of these  people pretending to help are scammers and nothing to do with welfare support in this country.
All these welfare groups have donate to help keep website going. They go direct to paypal (and probably abroad.)
Lizzie Cornish, the other helper was the first to publically start abusing George Rolph and spreading such wild hatred. But who actually is Lizzie. I don’t know her personally but might she have problems of her own which make her angry at people. She was clear on the internet that she was going to take George Rolph on and had an army of followers who helped her. Her ex husband looks like he cant even hide from her. Despite leaving the country it is claimed she continually stalks anyone who is connected with him. 
I have to ask the question why people and organisations are involved with people prepared to cause such personal harm to others. Gina Ravens who wrote such damning things about George Rolph on the Welfare News Service blog. Hazel Quinn a sister behind atos miracles who’s blog is all about atos miracles. They all profess to be members of the public coming together. Well mostly lots are, but it is who is behind it all that is the concern. A few ‘failed’ writers, an aging actress, why are they supporting things that obviously do not make sense if you want to keep a good name. Particularly Gina Ravens who wants to be prime minister.
 Why would you put your names to people causing such upset and misery. Or is the age old adage ‘all media references are good’




I tthink it all sucks. Why would they be involved with people who have hounded the public with phone calls, stalked and also caused down right pain and distress to an individual who just happens to hold views poles apart from theirs. I DONT GET IT

George Rolph Day 43 Hunger Strike – getting serious now.

A reminder of where this all started. # georgerolph #atos #dwp #hungerstrike


There is a sort of unwritten maxim that says when the government, or one of its departments, does bad things to the people, then the people have to grin and bare it until the next election comes along and they can vote them out. The politicians know we think this way because they HELP us to think this way.

In practise, this means they can roll out their most damaging policies in their mid term, and then feed us sweety polices just before an election to make us all forget the fact that they dumped all over us during their second and third year in office, and then vote them back into power.

They also rely upon us not to notice the stuff they do when something big happens, like a terrorist attack. Those big news days are when some of their most vile legislation gets passed and the press are looking the other way and fail to spot it. Some of the press, on purpose, of course.

I do not believe in that maxim though. I believe that when a government hurts its own people they should be held accountable at the time, not two and half years later after they have given us some goodies to make us all forget and calm down our anger. Now, in order for that to happen the people have to stand up, at the time, and say, ‘we will not let you do this in our name.’

Today is one of those times. Today is a day for standing together.

As I started to research what ATOS were doing to people I was ASTOUNDED by what I was finding. I am not over stating this. I really was astonished. My first thoughts were. ‘This cannot be legal!’ How can a company and government, put such pressure on people that it drives them to suicide or causes that pressure to make them sicker – sometimes to the point of death, and not find themselves raided by police, prosecuted and sent to jail?

But there was silence from the police.
Silence from the legal profession.

Did the government tell the police to stand down and did they meekly do as they were told. Tugging their forelocks as they backed away? Why were the opposition parties so quiet over this issue? A few minor complaints, but nothing of any substance. Then I remembered it was the now-in-opposition-party that brought ATOS here in the first place.

Something started to stink! An agenda was afoot and we were being kept in the dark.

Something about the way we are being governed and policed is very, very, wrong. 
Evil kills the innocent but as Edmund Burke once said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I decided to do SOMETHING. I decided to stand up and shout:


I cannot – I will not – stand by and let some faceless, over paid socio-path in a suit, tell me it is time for those selected by them to die in the name of saving money, while we go on pouring money into the Communistic purses of that monstrosity called the EU that few people in this country want any part of! 

I am all for helping the poor. It is a fundamental part of my Christian faith, but should I let my children starve to do so? Of course not! That would be obscene parenting. Why then are our government pouring vast amounts of our cash into overseas aid when they claim not to have enough money to take care of the disabled and sick here?

Remember the much vaunted “Olympic Legacy” we were all promised to convince us that spending obscene amounts of money for a glorified sports day, so Boris Johnson and his mates could strut around looking and sounding ever more ridiculous. So where is this “legacy?” In the pockets of some big businessmen but how much reached yours?

We all got conned again and here is the tragedy:

They know if they can just find the correct words plus a little mass psychology, they can go on conning us and we will be dumb enough to believe them! 

Our lives are being shaped and ruled by ruthless thieves and con men and they are telling us it is time to steal from the poor and give to the rich.

How can it be that MPs can dip their hand into the tax payers pockets and fiddle their expenses and then have the nerve to call people who need genuine help, scroungers? I have no moat to clean. I have a carpet I cannot clean because I cannot afford a hoover! I don’t have a second property and I venture to suggest not many other disabled people do either. What I have is an incapacitating illness I did not want, did not ask for but have to live with because when I called for help I was told, in a hundred different ways, we don’t help male victims of abuse. 

Don’t call me a scrounger when you are sitting in the house of commons using tax payers money to purchase, renovate and furnish a second home. Who the hell do you people think you are? That is without mentioning the wholesale criminality going on in the EU.

The whole system is corrupt, from the top down, how dare those running it for their own benefit say to the people of this land, if your son, daughter, brother sister, mother or father get seriously ill or hurt, we are going to make them jump through a hundred hoops just to put bread in their stomachs and on a whim, pull the rug from under them whenever some faceless ATOS assessor feels like it.

That is not welfare reform, that is brutality! That, is not humane, that is cruelty. That is not human, that is demonic. Devilish. Wicked. Evil!

We, the people, have been slowly beaten back into serfdom. Frightened of raising our voices. We have instead taken to switching on inane soap operas or Hollywood mush and hoping the problems will go away. ‘let the government sort it out,’ we say. What happens though when those in the House of Commons are themselves the problem and sorting it out is the last thing they want to do? Well, I don’t know about you but I don’t want TV, Hollywood and the media doing my thinking for me. I have a brain and I want to use it myself.

I am very tired of governments, social workers, doctors, civil servants, weak little journalists and so on, talking to me as if I were five years old and saying, in effect, ‘be a good boy and accept this pain now and I will give you a nice bar of chocolate later.’ That is how paedophiles groom children and I don’t want to be raped by these people!

I know many, many, of you feel the same way. You see what is being done in your name and it disgusts you. It makes you angry and you wish you could do something about it.

Well, I think you can and I think it is time to hit back. To stand up for decency again. To reclaim those values and ideals that once made this the greatest nation on earth.

Let’s stand up as one. Proud. Determined and resolute and make this evil war on the disabled stop. It is time to make the powers that be understand the only power they have is that which the people give them.

How? I will have some ideas for you later. Feel free to think of your own and share them with me. I know this though, it only takes a small spanner, tossed into the gears of a giant machine to bring it shuddering to a halt. I think it’s time we picked up our spanners. The machine is out of control.

There is no need to fill bottles with petrol. No need to act like mindless thugs on the street smashing windows. We simply have to end our silence. 

That then, is my cry to you. 


George Rolph.

May 28th 2013


A Statement by George Rolph – Day 40 Hunger Strike Against Atos & DWP

Day 40 of my hunger strike. A personal milestone for me.

The Minister for psychopathy in Westminster has asked me to issue the the following warning to members of the public visiting this page. 

In reading the words placed here by Mr George Rolph, you may be subjected to freedom of speech and the government can take no responsibility for what this might do to you if you have a tiny mind. 

People with a totalitarian nature are therefore advised to stay away from this page and to congregate in small groups on Facebook and vent hatred in all directions until normal levels of dysfunction has been resumed. 

Ima Loony.
Under secretary of State for leftyism.

I just want to warn everyone that I can feel a personal opinion coming on. It may appear here within hours or even days. 

Now, I appreciate that SOME PEOPLE think I, a) should not have any personal opinions (especially if they are shared by millions of other men around the world) and b) that I should be shot for daring to express them on my own FB page but, never being one to cave in to bully boys and girls, I will probably go ahead and publish it here anyway. 

Of course, no one HAS to read it. I have not seen anything in the FB ‘terms and conditions’ which states reading my personal opinions is compulsory. That, however, is not likely to deter the average hate monger who is only able to view life through their own political perspective. 

They will read it and go through the usual mad knee jerk reactions. First there will be outrage. Then a lip quivering sense of personal victimisation. Then will come a growing rage that will boil over into a pathological hatred. All of this will fuel a massive sense of personal and collective victim-hood and finally they will gather in little groups to spread as much poison around as they possibly can about me, personally.

If their personal attacks fail — and they will — they will say that he has only written this because his hunger strike (which they do not believe I am actually doing; but let’s not allow logic to interfere with a good bit of mob rule mentality not seen since the same kind of people were hanging blacks in the Southern States of America) has altered his mental state and tipped him over into a form of madness. 

It has not, of course. In fact I have been writing about these things for many years and I am far from alone in doing so.

Why will they behave in this way? Well, because the real madness lies with them and they escape detection by always being the first, the loudest and the most aggressive to point the finger for what THEY do, at others, and blame them. 

It is called ‘projection.’ 

A psychological weapon used by all of societies abusers against their victims. A sort of, ‘I-hate-you-for-what-I-do’ mental aberration. One that Marxists, and Feminist-Marxists in particular, are infamous for. 

Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School had a more academic name name for this behaviour, he called it ‘Repressive Tolerance.’ A political name for an abusive behaviour. ‘Repressive Tolerance’ is the idea that anything the left does is good. Anything the right does is bad. Anything the left does, no matter how bad, must always be praised as good. Anything the right does should always demonised, no matter how good for society it maybe. 

Ever found yourself doing that?


So, be aware that a personal opinion is coming. Those of you unable to tolerate that fact may need to grab a tin hat and some Valium and go hide in a basement reciting Chairman Mao’s name to yourselves over and over because, when I feel this urge to speak out, it is very difficult to prevent it happening.

Weight today:209.04 lbs 
Start weight: 260.00 lbs

The doctor tells me the results of my blood tests are that my cholesterol is too high and that he was unable to get a result for Potassium levels due to having to keep the blood in the fridge for 24 hrs before sending it off to be tested. This, he tells me, is my fault because I told him I would never make it to a place in Clapham he wants me to go too to have the blood tests done. I explained that if I say, I don’t think I could make that kind of a journey, it is because I don’t think I could make that kind of a journey, and he went deaf. Telling me, again, that I need to go to Clapham. When I told him, yet again, that I was pretty sure that if I were struggling to reach the end of my street and back Clapham would be a journey too far, he said, and I quote: “Well, in that case, should we just forget the blood tests because you do not want to cooperate?”

I think some bottom covering is going on with him in case the worst happens. I can hear him telling anyone who asks in the future about his standards of medical care, “Well. I did everything I could to try and help him but he would no cooperate with me.”

Sometimes these educated idiots just make my head spin!

ATOS are missing a trick. They should employ this man immediately. He has the perfect attitude for the job. 

Anyway, apart from that I feel great.

Fight on people, because if you do not, who will?
Don’t let them tread on you.

Please read ‘Cunning plan MK Three’ (below) and make some calls. Check the comments for any helpful hints others may offer.

Thank you. Love you guys. Keep at it.

29 June 2013.
Day 40 of my hunger strike. — feeling determined.

Would the real Gina Ravens please stand up.

Would the real Gina Ravens please stand up.


My previous blog entry was rather long as it contained a whole explanation of an event. The end of it is the most important bit so I am re blogging that separately under a different title.  I would hate readers to become bored and miss the most important part. Written below is my response to Mrs Ravens tee shirt analysis of Mr Rolph the hunger striker.

What can I say to that other than COLOUR ME CONFUSED!!!

As Gina tells us, this is her PROFESSIONAL OPINION.  She explains that his hypothetical tee shirt tells it all. He has hang ups about women. He spits venom and is against feminists and spiritual sisterhoods (what ever that might mean) AN ATTENTION SEEKER WHO LOVES THE LIMELIGHT AND SEEING HIS NAME IN PRINT.  Very laudable. From a professional SO MUST BE TRUE! It is all written on his Tee shirt in invisible ink that only trained…

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Gina Ravens an Opinion.

Gina Ravens the expert against George Rolph. LMAO


Gina Ravens is a  writer. She lives in Oxford England.  She is a very caring lady who devotes her time to supporting people from all walks of life. She is educated, articulate and cares about people. She is/was  an  Integrative Psychosexual Psychotherapist & Counsellor and also a Life Coach and Happiness Tutor. What a lovely lady she sounds. Visions of a smiling face teaching sad people to be happy. Supporting the sick and disabled.   FANTASTIC! Go Gina Go!

A quick google search lead me to a blog entry -R.I.P The NHS, Killed By Politicians With A Vested Interest In Its Demise – Gina Ravens. We all know someone who is suffering at the hands of our current government. All these austerity cuts, mainly against disabled people. Yay, a fighter in our midst. Go Gina Go!   Wow, even better, she wants to save the NHS. We all support…

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