George Rolph Death Threat Revealed

This blog has been edited and the original material temporarily removed for one reason and one reason alone. George has removed the information from his own page. I would think because the police have finally been in touch and he has now got his crime reference number.

In case the publishing of the threat compromises an action I have removed it until I know differently.

I thought it important that the public knew just how hounded George has been, as have his supporters.

This will not go away. More and more people are seeing through what has gone on and the part played in it by Atos Miracles particularly Scar Sugarplum aka Bernadette Del Aguila (entrepreneur and owner of a telepest phone number and still advertising her business which was struck off ), Welfare News Service writer Gina Ravens, who shares smut and uncouth material on her twitter account and who incidentally wrote an article about George as if she had a professional opinion.


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