Gina Ravens are you for Real?

As we know Gina is standing against David Cameron in Whitney 2015 Election. I wont go into my personal opinion again but I would have thought if she were really serious about this country and getting it back on track her twitter account would not be linking to such disgusting material that is really of no consequence of the majority of the nation.




The article linked title ‘Should Trans People Have To Disclose Their Birth Gender Before Sex?’  Should come with an over 18 warning and the reader should be informed of the very sexually explicit content. 

Please do not read beyond this point if you are not prepared or  familiar with sexually explicit content. Another reason why I would not vote for her. She thinks this is acceptable for any age group who might be researching election candidates. 




The author.
It’s now against the law to suck dick if you have a dick and you don’t tell the dick you’re sucking that you have a dick. Or if you used to have a dick. Or if you have a pussy when they think you have a dick. Or a pussy. Or something.

In the UK, you see, it’s become illegal for trans people not to disclose. You can be sent to prison for it, and some people already have been. Late last week, the UK Court of Appeal made case law by rejecting the appeal of someone called McNally. McNally was born female but identifies as male in certain social settings. McNally’s crime? To meet a girl online, date her—presenting himself to her as Scott—and give her oral sex. When the girl’s mother discovered that McNally was born female, she told the police. McNally says his girlfriend consented to the sexual activity. British law disagreed.

Apparently, you don’t consent to “someone fingering me,” you consent to “someone with a dick fingering me” or “someone with a pussy fingering me.” So maybe you could also prosecute a woman who had her womb removed? Or a woman whose breasts were removed? Or a man who was born intersex and has hidden ovaries? Or is circumcised? Or Andrew Wardle, who was born without a penis because his bladder formed outside his body? He was recently on British TV show This Morning explaining his dating struggles: “I was punched in the face once when I told a girl… I guess she was angry as she felt like I had lied but it’s not something you can say right away.” His story was reported with sympathy, and rightly so. But if Andrew finds it hard to tell potentially punching lovers, how should trans people feel? It seems you can lie about lots of stuff to people you’re having sex with—age, marital status, even HIV status—and that’s fine. But mislead people about the shape of your genitals and you’re a criminal. Unless of course you’re a regular dude lying about the size of your dick. That’s totally cool.


Is this really an acceptable post to share by someone who thinks she is capable of running the country? In my opinion, I would say with this sort of dialogue she shares, she might be more suited to running a brothel.


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