A Statement by George Rolph – Day 40 Hunger Strike Against Atos & DWP

Day 40 of my hunger strike. A personal milestone for me.

The Minister for psychopathy in Westminster has asked me to issue the the following warning to members of the public visiting this page. 

In reading the words placed here by Mr George Rolph, you may be subjected to freedom of speech and the government can take no responsibility for what this might do to you if you have a tiny mind. 

People with a totalitarian nature are therefore advised to stay away from this page and to congregate in small groups on Facebook and vent hatred in all directions until normal levels of dysfunction has been resumed. 

Ima Loony.
Under secretary of State for leftyism.

I just want to warn everyone that I can feel a personal opinion coming on. It may appear here within hours or even days. 

Now, I appreciate that SOME PEOPLE think I, a) should not have any personal opinions (especially if they are shared by millions of other men around the world) and b) that I should be shot for daring to express them on my own FB page but, never being one to cave in to bully boys and girls, I will probably go ahead and publish it here anyway. 

Of course, no one HAS to read it. I have not seen anything in the FB ‘terms and conditions’ which states reading my personal opinions is compulsory. That, however, is not likely to deter the average hate monger who is only able to view life through their own political perspective. 

They will read it and go through the usual mad knee jerk reactions. First there will be outrage. Then a lip quivering sense of personal victimisation. Then will come a growing rage that will boil over into a pathological hatred. All of this will fuel a massive sense of personal and collective victim-hood and finally they will gather in little groups to spread as much poison around as they possibly can about me, personally.

If their personal attacks fail — and they will — they will say that he has only written this because his hunger strike (which they do not believe I am actually doing; but let’s not allow logic to interfere with a good bit of mob rule mentality not seen since the same kind of people were hanging blacks in the Southern States of America) has altered his mental state and tipped him over into a form of madness. 

It has not, of course. In fact I have been writing about these things for many years and I am far from alone in doing so.

Why will they behave in this way? Well, because the real madness lies with them and they escape detection by always being the first, the loudest and the most aggressive to point the finger for what THEY do, at others, and blame them. 

It is called ‘projection.’ 

A psychological weapon used by all of societies abusers against their victims. A sort of, ‘I-hate-you-for-what-I-do’ mental aberration. One that Marxists, and Feminist-Marxists in particular, are infamous for. 

Herbert Marcuse of the Frankfurt School had a more academic name name for this behaviour, he called it ‘Repressive Tolerance.’ A political name for an abusive behaviour. ‘Repressive Tolerance’ is the idea that anything the left does is good. Anything the right does is bad. Anything the left does, no matter how bad, must always be praised as good. Anything the right does should always demonised, no matter how good for society it maybe. 

Ever found yourself doing that?


So, be aware that a personal opinion is coming. Those of you unable to tolerate that fact may need to grab a tin hat and some Valium and go hide in a basement reciting Chairman Mao’s name to yourselves over and over because, when I feel this urge to speak out, it is very difficult to prevent it happening.

Weight today:209.04 lbs 
Start weight: 260.00 lbs

The doctor tells me the results of my blood tests are that my cholesterol is too high and that he was unable to get a result for Potassium levels due to having to keep the blood in the fridge for 24 hrs before sending it off to be tested. This, he tells me, is my fault because I told him I would never make it to a place in Clapham he wants me to go too to have the blood tests done. I explained that if I say, I don’t think I could make that kind of a journey, it is because I don’t think I could make that kind of a journey, and he went deaf. Telling me, again, that I need to go to Clapham. When I told him, yet again, that I was pretty sure that if I were struggling to reach the end of my street and back Clapham would be a journey too far, he said, and I quote: “Well, in that case, should we just forget the blood tests because you do not want to cooperate?”

I think some bottom covering is going on with him in case the worst happens. I can hear him telling anyone who asks in the future about his standards of medical care, “Well. I did everything I could to try and help him but he would no cooperate with me.”

Sometimes these educated idiots just make my head spin!

ATOS are missing a trick. They should employ this man immediately. He has the perfect attitude for the job. 

Anyway, apart from that I feel great.

Fight on people, because if you do not, who will?
Don’t let them tread on you.

Please read ‘Cunning plan MK Three’ (below) and make some calls. Check the comments for any helpful hints others may offer.

Thank you. Love you guys. Keep at it.

29 June 2013.
Day 40 of my hunger strike. — feeling determined.


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