Would the real Gina Ravens please stand up.

Would the real Gina Ravens please stand up.


My previous blog entry was rather long as it contained a whole explanation of an event. The end of it is the most important bit so I am re blogging that separately under a different title.  I would hate readers to become bored and miss the most important part. Written below is my response to Mrs Ravens tee shirt analysis of Mr Rolph the hunger striker.

What can I say to that other than COLOUR ME CONFUSED!!!

As Gina tells us, this is her PROFESSIONAL OPINION.  She explains that his hypothetical tee shirt tells it all. He has hang ups about women. He spits venom and is against feminists and spiritual sisterhoods (what ever that might mean) AN ATTENTION SEEKER WHO LOVES THE LIMELIGHT AND SEEING HIS NAME IN PRINT.  Very laudable. From a professional SO MUST BE TRUE! It is all written on his Tee shirt in invisible ink that only trained…

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