Gina Ravens an Opinion.

Gina Ravens the expert against George Rolph. LMAO


Gina Ravens is a  writer. She lives in Oxford England.  She is a very caring lady who devotes her time to supporting people from all walks of life. She is educated, articulate and cares about people. She is/was  an  Integrative Psychosexual Psychotherapist & Counsellor and also a Life Coach and Happiness Tutor. What a lovely lady she sounds. Visions of a smiling face teaching sad people to be happy. Supporting the sick and disabled.   FANTASTIC! Go Gina Go!

A quick google search lead me to a blog entry -R.I.P The NHS, Killed By Politicians With A Vested Interest In Its Demise – Gina Ravens. We all know someone who is suffering at the hands of our current government. All these austerity cuts, mainly against disabled people. Yay, a fighter in our midst. Go Gina Go!   Wow, even better, she wants to save the NHS. We all support…

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2 thoughts on “Gina Ravens an Opinion.

  1. My opinion stands. George Rolph is not and never has been my client, though if approached I would be happy to talk issues through. My past is no secret, and you should note that I was reluctant to end my marriage, though in retrospect it proved ti be the right thing. You confuse sexuality with identity, a common mistake from somebody with no more than the briefest information. George has something of a Messiah complex. That is my opinion, as open to dispute as any opinion. You are entitled to disagree and I offer no animosity either to you or Mr Rolph. As to my quest for identity, this took me through a painful childhood and marriage. Anybody going through difficulties with their gender will find transition stormy. This is very much in my past now and I find myself dealing with numerous physical health problems which forced my retirement. I willmention one other thing, the psychosexual practice did not mean that training was narrow, in fact integrative work encompasses numerous skill sets. I endeavoured in addition to study anatomy, not because my coursework demanded it, but because I wanted to be as thorough as I could be in working with people.

    • I would suggest that any comments regarding this article be addressed to the writer Sarah Brown. I merely reblogged the articles Gina Ravens An Opinion, and Would the real Gina Ravens please stand up. I am however interested in your theory that George has a Massiah Complex. As one of his supporters such a suggestion might lead me to become fearful of him.
      Not being 100% clear on what a Messaih Compex is lead me to seek a little information and examples.
      From wikipedia:
      A messiah complex (also known as the Christ complex or savior complex) is a state of mind in which an individual holds a belief that they are, or are destined to become, asavior. The term “messiah complex” is not addressed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), but symptoms of the disorder closely resemble those found in individuals suffering from Grandiose delusions (GD) or delusions of grandeur. This form of delusional belief is most often reported in patients suffering from Bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia. Little is known about the disorder, but it is believed that as many as 10% of the population may hold similar beliefs in one form or another, though not significant enough to warrant a diagnosis. [1] Examples include Jim Jones, David Koresh and Inri Cristo.[2]
      (Funnily enough a mention of Jim Jones was made by amongst posts on facebook last week. I didn’t understand the reference until now)
      James Warren “Jim” Jones (May 13, 1931 – November 18, 1978) was the founder and the leader of the Peoples Temple, best known for the cult murder/suicide in 1978, 909 of its members in Jonestown, Guyana, and the murder of five individuals at a nearby airstrip. Over 200 children were murdered at Jonestown, almost all of them by cyanide poisoning.[3] Jones died from a gunshot wound to the head.
      David Koresh (born Vernon Wayne Howell; August 17, 1959 – April 19, 1993) was the American leader of the Branch Davidiansreligious sect, believing himself to be its final prophet. Howell legally changed his name to David Koresh on May 15, 1990, Persian name of Cyrus the Great (کوروش, Kurosh). A 1993 raid by the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and thesubsequent siege by the FBI ended with the burning of the Branch Davidian ranch outside of Waco, Texas, in McLennan County. Koresh, 54 other adults, and 28 children were found dead after the fire.[2]
      Inri Cristo was raised by two Roman Catholic farmers of German ancestry, Wilhelm and Magdalena Thais.[3] Inri had a humble childhood and studied for about three years at the Adolfo Konder School. He quit studying in order to help his mother, whom he calls “the woman who raised him”, with domestic supplies, since his father, “her husband”, was retired owing to a work accident.
      Since childhood, Inri has claimed to obey a “powerful voice” that speaks inside his head. Obedient to this voice, he left home at thirteen to live independently of his family. In adolescence he worked as a greengrocer, baker, delivery boy, peddler and waiter. Eventually, Inri severed all ties to Christianity, becoming atheist, until received what he calls the “revelation of his identity”.

      I fail to see how one of those examples is akin to George. Where is the similarity?
      He is not the leader of a religous sect/cult like Jim Jones and David Keresh nor does he hear voices in his head telling him that he has to obey a powerful voice like Inri Cristo did.
      George is a Christian. Are you suggesting then that being a Christian makes one hold a Messiah Complex?

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