George Rolph Hunger Strike Day 30

Yesterday was a particularly tough day for me. The internet became full of rumours, and rumours of rumours and whispers and down right LIES claiming George Rolph is a fake, sexist, homophobic woman hater. Blogs went up about it, people spent the whole day hell bent on a character assination. One account facebook which was filled with pictures of swaztica’s and zombies took delight in spreading a link to a particular blog on every thread he could find on the campaign page that had been set up by another group to support George and other campaign pages. The whole episode was vile vile and destructive.
Why would these things be claimed if they are not true?
It is quite simple really, George Rolph is his own man, with his on view, with his own reality, with his own experience. Like the rest of us our reality is what has been real for us during our lives. Georges life story is public. He was abused by females to such an extent he has post traumatic stress disorder. He has spent many years trying to come to terms with what has happened to him as well as supporting others who have suffered a similar fate. He has done much research and written many articles over the years. It is people like George that have opened our eyes to the fact that SOME women are disgustingly aggressive and abusive to their partners. George does not hate ALL women. He does not like EXTREME ideologies as they have impacted on his own personal life experience. Marxist feminism is one such area. This does not make him a woman hater.
George had posted some past articles that he had written on his personal facebook page, which incidently is the only place he posts. Some of his supporters felt it was an attack on all women and he was told to take them down or lose support from people who initially wanted to help him. I doubt that George will ever respond to demands made by women again  In fact, what happened clearly showed that what he had written was actually true. If he wanted support he would have to do as he was told and stop being the person he was.
Kevan toner hit the nail on the head when people asked ‘What is going on’  He replied:
”A few people on the far left are upset that George’s views doesn’t fit in with their EXACT agendas, instead of just accepting him as he is. Which is a great shame.
People are misinterpreting George as attacking women as he is at odds with hard line feminists who dont like to admit that women can also be abusive towards men.
His hunger strike is for the purpose of bringing light on the horrific abuses of ATOS and the DWP for ALL PEOPLE, both men and women. Its a shame that people pick on specific things he says without looking at the broader picture and understanding that he has suffered abuse and this is why he has these views.
The media are playing on this and will use it to sow discord, dont let them!
Think for a second and accept people for who they are, dont try and force your own beliefs and agendas upon them.
I am fully behind George and against the mass murdering policies of the DWP and ATOS
If you are unable to think past that sort of negative thinking I feel sorry for you.
This sort of “he did that” “she did this” “he/she is an awful person because such&suchareason” attitude is why we are in this predicament in the first place.
This is why people are dying.
If you are attacking George because of his views then you are part of the problem, you might as well apply for a job at ATOS!
#ATOSKILLS #mass murder #atos #dwp #IDS #DavidCameron #UKGOV #fairsociety #facepalm ”
(Shared with permission)


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