George Rolph ~ A complex situation.

Day 29
George Rolph has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This was caused through extreme abuse by women. For many years the abuse of men by women was kept quiet. What man would admit that his petite looking pretty wife knocked seven bales out of him behind closed doors?
George has written many articles that are based within his own reality of life, his own personal experiences. I say good for him. It his his life, his experience’s and his reality.
Many stories are flying round the internet that he is Sexist, Homophobic and Hate Speech Supporter? Mant people have stopped supporting him because of these claims and because George does appear to not take to kindly  to extreme left political views & feminist Marxists. But that’s George. His own stance on things come from his experience of things.
To me, people are people, all have different realities, different views, different ideas, different standards etc, but we are all humans first and foremost. There are good and bad in all groups. DIFFERENT DOES NOT MEAN WRONG.
One thing is for sure, most common arguments outside of family life are caused by different political views or religious views.
There has been an ‘accusation’ that George’s hunger strike is a publicity stunt. Well of course he is on hunger strike to get publicity. It is a protest. you don’t sit in your bedroom protesting to yourself do you?
My own personal feeling on George’s situation is that he should STOP THE STRIKE and start eating. But that is my own view and George’s view is different to mine.
Regards Mildred (female, mother, grandmother, wife, sister, daughter but mostly human)


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