An update and appeal from George Rolph.

Another Notice and Statement and Some Info That Will Surpise You. I hope.

Well, I made it to the post office and back but completely forgot to take the Internet bill with me and pay it. Doh! 

I could not make it home and back before they closed so it will have to wait again! It is so annoying when you do that. Huh? Still all of us have done it I guess. I emailed and explained. Groan.

The trip was long and slow and by the time I got back home I was sweating like a cloud on a stormy day but…., I made it! 

It’s only half a mile, but it is clear that I am growing weaker. My jeans kept threatening to fall down too. Despite the belt. 

I checked my weight this morning and it was 217.04. Lbs. This non-eating diet really works guys! Hmmm. DON’T try this at home though. 

No other noticable ill effects. God is so good to me.

Please excuse me if I don’t get around to answering all the PM’s and comments I get. Those, along with an endless supply of emails (Not all of which are welcome. Abuse in text is still abuse!) make it hard to cope at times. Plus I have a stack of writing and thinking to do and that takes time. My old brain is not as zippy as it once was. 

So, how is the ribbon campaign going? Anything to report? Anyone putting up cards or posters in the windows of the local shops and chippies?

Any photos you want to share of these things?

Come and let me know what you are doing to get the word out to the public in the absence of media coverage. 

Are you still firing off emails full of questions to ATOS and the DWP and tieing up their work force? 

What about those lazy MP’s who send you stock replies to your emails asking THEM what THEY are doing for THEIR sick and disabled constituents? Are you ripping into them and promising NOT to vote for them anymore if they don’t get their finger out? Are you writing to you local paper protesting the MP’s lazy attitudes and cold hearted refusal to help?

Are you sending ballons and lanterns skywards at night with information about the campaign on them and asking for support? Kids love that stuff you know.

How about tying rags (old sheets and torn up T Shirts) with info on them for the local 14-16 year old kids (and their teachers) to read and pass on, on the school railings? Rags are bio degradeable you know, so do your bit forthe enviroment.

Perhaps you could make a prominant flag for your motorbility scooters? A poster for your window or front door? One person even suggested cutting my name into her front lawn grass using weed killer, but I would not suggest you all do that. Creative thnking though! 

No! DON’T do that in your local park. OK!

If we trap the truth by keeping it silent we disable IT. We have to set it free. Sneak it past the locked gates of the media and get it to the people ourselves. Can you do that? Are you willing to try?

Maybe you could make a You Tube video? 
Think carefully what you are going to say — write a script if you have too — post the video on your page and then tell everyone about it. Burn it on CD and leave it in libraries, on busses, trains, public benches, in phone boxes and so on with the words WATCH THIS! COPY ME! PASS ME ON” written on it in permanent marker pen?

Dirt cheap to do…reaches hundreds of people and will probably be passed around. Certainly if the local teenagers get hold of it. Hint, hint.

Do you doubt such an idea could work? OK, let me prove it to you.

Years ago, alarmed by the growing numbers of assaults by women on children, each other and men and societies stupid refusal to acknowledge it, I decided to make an amateur film made of clips I found on the Internet. It really WAS amateur.., I had never done anything like it before and had no real idea what I was doing; but I was angry at the way people buried their heads in the sand and refused to accept women are violent too. Especially people with power. As long as they did that, men, women and children would go on suffering. Alone!

I bought a stack of 100 blank CD’s and burned the resulting movie into them. Then I did as I suggested above and left them all over the place. On walls out side schools; in trains on the seats; on buses; in two taxis; in libraries and on and on. Even in a police station and the local town hall! On my CD’s written in neat permanent marker was the Internet address of a page they could go to and download a copy and a request they also spread the videos around and the words “WATCH THIS! COPY ME! PASS ME ON” Then I waited. 

Interest exploded. I was mobbed by a bunch of teens when I went to the shops about three days laer. They thrust a copy of this badly made CD into my hand and said, “You have GOT to watch this man, it radical!” Then they said, “Make your own copies and leave them everywhere. Or you can get it online if you want.” Of course, they had no idea I had made the film and I did not tell them. The subject, at that time, required me to be “underground” so to speak. 

I looked today and the number of d/loads has reached 20,600! Remember, each person only has to download it once then burn it to CD…If less than a third of those who downloaded it did that, that is a lot of CD’s flying around out there and all over the world too!

Can I prove any of this or is it just hot air? 

Go here and look at the download figures and watch the film yourself if you can. WARNING: It contains graphic violence and distrubing images:

It works! 

Go ahead and do it. 

A few hours of YOUR time could save someones life!

Get working gang…we have a government to defeat and it will not happen by moaning about them will it? We have to go National AND International with this. So, let’s go!

Just pressing the ‘like’ or ‘share’ buttons is NOT work…Right?

George Rolph.


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