PTSD victim’s hunger strike ignored by Parliament and banned by Facebook

George’s first account was taken down. His helpers get their wings clipped. Can you help?

Think Left

A Parliamentary Petition for a debate on the hunger striker, George Rolph, has been denied, and on the 14th day of starving himself (3rd June 2013), he was banned by Facebook.
Please sign here:

Why is George Rolph on hunger strike?  This is the explanation in his own words:

An Announcement About My Protest.
George Rolph

“When I began my protest my aim was not hurt or cause distress to anyone but those who should be hurt and distressed because they deserve to be. Neither did I intend to take my life, but to give it in the service of others also suffering under the brutal and cruel regime of ATOS and the DWP.
I did not ask to be placed on disability benefit. My doctor made that decision when he gave me a sick note to take to the DHSS as it was then. He gave me…

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