“I shall not eat until victory has been won”: 60-year-old ATOS victim declares hunger strike

Subversive Press

George Rolph, a sufferer of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is currently one week into a 60-day hunger strike aimed at ending the Government’s contract with ATOS.

george rolph hunger strike

Four hours ago, the protester wrote: “I can expect to live for around 60 days without food. That should be enough time to mobilise a huge protest to get ATOS stopped and to demand retribution for the needless deaths that have already happened.”

In the statement published on his facebook wall, Rolph, 60, explained how his life had been transformed beyond recognition by ATOS and how the company has done the same to “thousands of people” who are now dying.  The statement has currently been shared 180 times.

Rolph had been assessed three times with the result in his favour on each instance. On the fourth occasion  however, ATOS deemed him fit to work.

“There was no sense or logic to it” he said. “If I…

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